Frequently Asked Questions About Hot Yoga in Seattle

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our hot yoga classes are appropriate for every level of experience, age, and body, with clear and detailed instruction from experienced, supportive instructors.

Increasing flexibility and strength are part of what happens with a regular practice. What is important is to get started, and allow the process to unfold!

  • The heat enhances vasodilation, so that more blood is delivered to the muscles.
  • When blood passes through warm muscles oxygen releases more easily from the hemoglobin.
  • Muscles are more elastic, and less susceptible to injury.
  • Heat during practice improves coordination.
  • The heat reduces heart irregularities associated with sudden exercise.
  • Fat burns more easily

Note: Muscles aren't the only beneficiaries of heat. Higher temperatures improve the function of the nervous system, meaning that messages are carried more rapidly to and from the brain and spinal cord.

We recommend attending yoga class at least 3 times per week in order to see and feel the physical and mental benefits that come with a dedicated practice!

Yes! There are two showers in each dressing room.

A study carried out in 2015 discovered that Bikram Yoga, also known as hot yoga, significantly improves lower body strength, strengthens both the upper body & shoulders, and helps keep the body balanced in health. The study also found that bone density, artery stiffness, blood lipids, and mindfulness were greatly improved.

Our yoga instructors have been practicing yoga for many years, and have experienced firsthand the positive health and mindfulness changes that come from practicing hot yoga.