Hot Yoga Classes in Seattle



Sealevel Hot Yoga has been operating in Seattle since 1996 – originally as Yoga College of India, then Bikram Yoga Seattle. As the owners of the longest running Bikram method studio in Seattle, Kevin Cooke and Kathy Allen, along with the teachers, bring a wealth of yoga experience to Sealevel’s students. The  teachers at Sealevel Hot Yoga have a strong foundation that comes from many years of practice and teaching in the Bikram tradition and beyond. As a close-knit staff, the teachers at Sealevel Hot Yoga are dedicated not only to yoga practice, but also to sharing their knowledge of yoga by teaching with kindness, skill, intelligence, compassion and love.



We offer the entire Bikram series in two formats: 60 minutes and 90 minutes. The 90 minute class is the traditional Bikram yoga class, and it is an excellent foundation for a strong, sustainable yoga practice. The 60 minute class follows the same sequence in an abbreviated format; we realize that sometimes an hour for yoga is what will fit into your schedule!


When you practice yoga in a class environment, you are practicing in community. Be patient and compassionate with yourself and others – we are all working together!

Try to stay in the room during class. Pace yourself and rest when you need to.
Make sure to place your mat so practitioners behind you can see.
Use a large towel over your mat during class.
Avoid strongly scented perfumes or lotions.
Talk to your teacher before class about any injuries or conditions you are experiencing.
Come to class well hydrated and avoid large meals two hours prior to practice.