Chihuly Garden and Glass

Chihuly Garden and Glass is much more than a beautiful place to visit. It is an experience that allows visitors to explore the beauty of glass in its many forms and sculptures. Visitors can take in the unique exhibits, wander through galleries showcasing Dale Chihuly’s vibrant artwork, view breathtaking installations created with Chihuly’s signature glass-blowing process, and even watch live glass-blowing demonstrations. There is also a café, retail store and garden to explore. Chihuly Garden and Glass has something for everyone, so come check it out and see why this Seattle attraction is one of the best in the world. See more About Seattle.

In addition to providing an opportunity to experience glass art at its finest, Chihuly Garden and Glass is also dedicated to educating the public about glass art, its history, and its importance in society. Through their educational programs, they offer classes on topics ranging from glass-blowing to art appreciation. They also host lectures, workshops and interactive activities designed to help visitors understand the craft of glassblowing. This commitment to education showcases the passion Chihuly and his team have for glass art, and it helps to promote appreciation for the craft in the general public. 

When visiting Chihuly Garden and Glass, be sure to take your time to appreciate all of its beauty. Whether you are strolling through the galleries or taking in a live demonstration, you will be sure to leave with a newfound appreciation for glass art. More info this content.