At Sealevel Hot Yoga, we teach the original hot yoga method familiar to a multitude of yoga practitioners: Bikram yoga. The classic series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises is an intelligently developed yoga system accessible to a wide variety of people. Over the years we have seen up close the powerful effects on health, mobility and well being that regular practice of this series offers to students of all ages, shapes, sizes and walks of life.The practice of Bikram yoga helps develop discipline, self-awareness and an overall sense of well being. The series of poses systematically strengthens, stretches, and brings balance to the body. It is appropriate for beginners, but is still challenging for seasoned yoga practitioners.


We offer the entire Bikram series in two formats: 60 minutes and 90 minutes. The 90 minute class is the traditional Bikram yoga class, and it is an excellent foundation for a strong, sustainable yoga practice. The 60 minute class follows the same sequence in an abbreviated format; we realize that sometimes an hour for yoga is what will fit into your schedule!

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What if I’m new to yoga?

Our classes are appropriate for beginners. Teachers give very detailed, easy-to-follow instructions during class. It is not necessary to be an expert to gain benefit and enjoyment from a yoga practice!

What if I’m not fit or flexible?

We practice hatha yoga in part to become more flexible and fit. A regular practice will help you cultivate these qualities over time; what is important is to get started, and allow the process to unfold.

Why is the room heated?

The room is hot – usually about 105 degrees and 30-40% humidity. Heat helps make muscles more elastic and less susceptible to injury, and also facilitates sweating and circulation.

How often should I practice?

We recommend practicing at least 3 times per week in order to see and feel the physical and mental benefits associated with practicing yoga. It is also important to set a practice routine that fits in well with your daily life, and build your practice gradually.

What should I wear? And what do I need to bring?

Because the room is hot, most people are comfortable in minimal clothing that stretches easily when wet: for men, shorts with a liner, for women, shorts or leggings with a sports bra or tank top. Materials that wick moisture tend to be more comfortable than cotton. Bring a yoga mat, a large towel and a water bottle to class. These items are also available at the studio for rental or purchase. You may want to bring an extra towel for a shower after class.

When should I arrive?

The studio opens 30 minutes before class starts. Plan on arriving 15-20 minutes early to register if you are new to the studio; your teacher can get you oriented to the space and answer any questions you may have. You can also register on-line by clicking here. In general, we recommend arriving with enough time to get ready for class and have a few minutes to sit or lie quietly before class begins.

Are there showers at the studio?

Both men and women’s changing rooms are spacious; each have two showers and space to store your belongings. Lockers are available for use.


When you practice yoga in a class environment, you are practicing in community. Be patient and compassionate with yourself and others – we are all working together!

Stay in the room during class.
Pace yourself and rest when you need to.
Make sure to place your mat so practitioners behind you can see.
Use a large towel over your mat during class.
Avoid strongly scented perfumes or lotions.
Talk to your teacher before class about any injuries or conditions you are experiencing.
Come to class well hydrated and avoid large meals in the hours before you practice.